The goal of the SERPA-ACO is to lower the cost, improve the quality, and increase the coordination of our patients' health care. 

The ACO relies on the concept of the "Patient-Centered Medical Home." 

Patients who regularly see the same doctors benefit from the doctors' knowledge of their health and medical history. That familiarity means the doctors know what tests and procedures are necessary for the individual and can monitor the patient's health through time. 

Why participate in an ACO?

We think it's the right thing to do. We are all interested in quality and saving money. 

The ACO will benefit if we can demonstrate that we are improving on agreed upon quality measures, including patient satisfaction. 

The SERPA-ACO has started to implement programs to assure that we offer high quality services to our patients. Some of these initiatives include:
  • Hiring a Care Coordinator that will be responsible for tracking patients' care from all of their medical providers.  You may be contacted by the Care Coordinator to help you and your medical providers understand your health issues.
  • Education on quailty care for our providers and clinic staffs
  • Reporting on patients who are due for preventative health screenings and services
  • Sharing with other ACO clinics best practices that have improved the quality of patient care

SERPA-ACO Participating Clinics: